NJCAA D-1 Championships Top Prospects

Created on Friday, 25 March 2011 14:42 Written by Van Coleman

Here's a look at the Top Prospects we observed this past week at the Sports Center in Hutchinson...

The 2011 NJCAA D-1 Championships has had a number of players who showed the ability to play at all levels of Division One Basketball. Here's a look at the Top Prospects we observed this past week at the Sports Center in Hutchinson:Pierre_jackson

NJCAA D-1 Championships Top Prospects

Philip Jurick 6-11 260 C Chattanooga State CC, TN - He almost averaged a triple-double for the season (10points/12rebounds/9blocks), but struggled in Hutch due to early foul problems in both games. He might have been best pure center in Hutch. He's physical, surprisingly mobile and can flat out block shots. He has interest from West Virginia, Oklahoma State, Cincinnati, Southern Miss, Oklahoma, Georgia, Mississippi State, UTEP, and Mississippi.

Kenny Buckner 6-9 245 C CC of Southern Idaho - Boise State signee, could end up a steal for BSU. He has excellent nose for ball off glass, can finish with bounce around hoop or post and turn and hit short jumper or jump hook. If he improves free throw consistency (7-19 in Hutch) look out!

Dwight Miller 6-8 245 C/PF Midland CC, TX - He had a high of 15 points in semis, and pulled down 11 boards in quarters. He has range to 17-feet facing and ok ball skills, but would rate higher if he used his body to his advantage. He has interest from Georgia, Missouri State, Iowa, and Oakland.                                                                                  

                                                                                                                                                               MVP - Pierre Jackson

Gordon Ball 6-8 240 C  Lamar State CC, TX - He went for 15 points and 8 boards in game we watched. he can pop and knock down 12-footer, roll to block and score with turnaround or jump hook. he is a solid rebounder who uses his body on the blocks well.                                       

Josh Mendenhall 6-8 210 PF Waycross CC, GA - Western Carolina may have gotten a steal in this long and athletic big man. He averaged 17 points and 5 boards in Hutch, but also affected the game with his length and bounce defensively. He will be a good one at WCU.

Richard Anderson 6-8 215 PF Tallahassee CC, FL -  He can post big and score with touch on the blocks. He runs court very well, has good bounce on finish and if fouled has nice touch from the foul line. He didn't get number of shots he should, but potential is there for mids-up

Henry Calhoun 6-7 190 (FR) PF Shelton State CC, AL -  Long and bouncy rebounder had a 19 rebound game in the consolation semis, and scored in double figures in all four games in Hutch. He has ability to score from elbow or around hoop with both hands. High majors should monitor next season.

Tauron Bailey 6-7 215 (FR) PF Monroe CC, NY - Physical rebounder can flat out finish around rim. He had 18 and 12 in semis and is averaging 11 boards in Hutch. He has tools to become a dominate player next year as he extends game to facing hoop. Big-time board man in future.

Christopher Evans 6-7 200 (FR) WF Wabash Valley CC, IL - Kent State commit looks like a steal for the Golden Flashes. He is quick to rim explosive on the finish. He knocked down 15-17 footer to set up drive or pass. May have been top freshman in Hutch!

Vernon Payne 6-6 215 W/PF Cape Fear CC, NC -  He was named to the All-Tourney team. He showed he can flat out took over one game going for 25 points and 8 boards. He is tough off dribble and finishes at rim and hits free throws (16-19 in Hutch). He has solid ball skills & is good passer. He has interest from Wichita State, Iona, Appalachian State, and Montana State.

Alex Dean 6-6 190 WF Chattanooga State CC, TN - He averaged 18.5 points and 7.5 rebounds in the opening rounds in Hutch. He is a slasher and driver who can hit pull-up from 15-feet or finish drive with strength at the hoop.

Latraius Mosley 6-6 200 WF Chattanooga State CC, TN - He went for 23 points and 10 boards in the one game he played in Hutch. He showed range to three (2 of 3) and ability to score off dribble at rim or with pull-up jumper. Could be spring sleeper!

Trevin Harris 6-6 180 (FR) WF Western Wyoming CC, WY  He capped his play in Hutch with back to back 24 point outings, hitting three (7 of 13) and showing he can finish off the dribble in traffic. He did solid job on glass from wing. High majors should monitor his development

Guy Landry 6-5 210 G/F Midland CC, TX - He almost doubled season numbers in Hutch, averaging 17.6 points and 8.3 boards for the tourney. He has range to three (40% 3fgp) can create and finish at rim, and has handle to create drive or run break off glass. He has big bounce too! He has interest from Miami (FL), Seton Hall, Wichita StateIowa, Minnesota, and Missouri State

Jamaal Trice 6-5 215 G/F Midland CC, TX - He had games of 14 & 7 and 12 & 9 in quarters & semis. He's a slasher and driver who can hit open three to keep "D" honest. He can score on post-up versus smaller guards.

Nurideen Lindsey 6-4 185 (FR) SG Redlands CC, OK - St. John's signee averaged 25.5 points in two outings in Hutch. He is a long and aggressive scoring guard who can board, run break and score or pass it in transition. Most of his scoring comes off dribble inside arc.

Mitch Bruneel 6-5 205 (FR) WF CC of Southern Idaho - He showed his true potential with 20 point outburst in quarters. He has range to 17-feet off the dribble, can finish drive at the rim and is a good passer in transition. He sees ball off glass and with extended range could be a steal for mids-up.

Stacy Wilson 6-4 190 SG Coffeyville CC, KS - He averaged 17.5 points (high of 230 in route to All-Tourney selection. He is an excellent outside shooter (11 of 23 from three) who can create shot or drive. He finishes at rim and makes you pay at free throw line. Mid-up should be on him.

Marderrace Brock 6-4 185 (FR) SG/WF Tallahassee CC, FL -  Left handed wing has range to arc, but is at his best with pull-up from 15-feet or finishing at rim. He's quick with ball and can go both ways. Frosh just scratching surface for future. Mid and High majors should monitor.

Tavares Speaks 6-3 180 SG Cape Fear CC, NC - Slasher and driver who can flat out finish in traffic at the rim. he opened with 20 and 25 points in first two rounds. He has ability to hit open jumper off the dribble from 17-feet to the rim. he has interest from UNC-Wilmington, Liberty, Georgia State, Arkansas Little Rock, Middle Tennessee State, and St. Bonaventure.

Tyrone Lindsey 6-3 175 P/SG Monroe CC, NY - Athletic wing has been averaging 12.8 points in Hutch including 17 points in the opener. He has been consistent from three (5-8) and uses it to set up drive. He has quicks and bounce at rim.

Darius Smith 6-2 180 P/SG CC of Southern Idaho Athletic combo guard scored in double figures in the three games we watched CSI. He has combo tools and ran show when Jackson was out of the game. He needs to tighten up the handle some, but he has ability to score from three to the rim. He has interest from Detroit, Hawaii, Iowa, Minnesota, and Illinois

Paris Gulley 6-2 185 Southeastern CC, IA - He's averaged 17.3 points and 6 boards in Hutch including 23 point outburst in semis, including 4-7 from three. He is a strong and physical scoring combo who can pass as he showed in-season.

Ian Chiles 6-2 190 (FR) SG Wabash Valley CC, IL - He went for 29 points in one game we watched and knocked down three and finished in paint with runner or dunk. He did a solid job rebounding from wing

Deonte Alexander 6-1 185 P/SG East Mississippi CC, MS - Physical combo guard averaged 22 points in his two outings at the NJCAA nationals. He has range to three (9 of 21 in tourney) and the handle to create drive with strength to finish in the paint. He can pass the rock in transition game, but is more of a scorer than point. He has interest from Arkansas State, Missouri State, Minnesota, Murray State, Oklahoma State, and Morehead State.

Ty Nurse 6-1 170 Midland CC, TX - He did solid job running show with  4-1 assist/turnover ratio. He hit open man with consistent, knocked down 15 to 17-footer off dribble, and gets to free throw line 23-29 for tourney) and knocks them down in crunch time.

Lonnie Hayes 6-0 210 P/SG MSU-West Plains CC, MO - Powerful scoring guard went for 23 points in game I watched, he has range to three (streaky) and ability to score in traffic with strength at 210-pounds. He can run break or point in a pinch

Jerrold Brooks 5-11 200 (FR) PG CC of Southern Idaho - He had a 12 point and 6 assists game in quarters to show the ball will be in good hands next year in Twin Falls. He has range to three, but is at his best knocking down pull-up from 15-feet. Good passer is one for mids-up to be watching.

Jordan Aaron 5-11 160 (FR) PG Southeastern CC, IA - He's averaged 20 points and 4 assists a game in Hutch. He has range to three (9-24), can get to rim and finish or knock down free throws (13-16) and sees open man off penetration. Solid mid-plus up lead guard.

Neil Watson 5-11 160 (FR) PG Coffeyville CC, KS - The Bud Obee small player award winner is a red-shirt floor leader who could go now. he is quick with ball, is a pin point passer. he had huge game on Saturday scoring 21 points and handing out 6 assists. If he stays, high majors should monitor.

Pierre Jackson 5-10 175 PG CC of Southern Idaho - Tournament MVP was best guard in Hutch. He has averaged 24.8 points and 6 assists per game for the championships. He has range to three and is a 90%free throw shooter. He is quick with the ball and forces defense to change schemes to stop him. He can make play off dribble or with hands on "D". He has interest from Iowa, Iowa State, Hawaii, Creighton, South Florida, and recently North Carolina. We expect this list to grow based on his performance in Hutch!

Best of the Rest -

Paul Bunch 6-11 260 (FR) C CC of Southern Idaho
Gerson Santos 6-10 210 (FR) C CC of Southern Idaho
Tristan Harris 6-9 255 C Cape Fear CC, NC
Jarius King 6-9 250 (FR) C Cape Fear CC, NC
Michael Robertson 6-8 210 C Chattanooga State CC, TN
Travis Wilkins 6-8 225 PF/C MSU-West Plains CC, MO
Bida Seck 6-8 220 (FR) C Southeastern CC, IA
Majok Majok 6-8 230 (FR) PF/C Midland CC, TX
Orlando Sanchez  6-8 200 (FR) PF Monroe CC, NY
Renaldo Mafra 6-8 220 PF Southeastern CC, IA
Leek Leek 6-7 210 FR PF Tallahassee CC, FL
Ronnie Hishaw 6-6 290 FR C Redlands CC, OK
Joe Williams 6-6 200 PF Waycross CC, GA
Eriq Harris 6-6 190 W/PF Coffeyville CC, KS
Myron Dempsey 6-6 195 WF Redlands CC, OK
Tallon Robertson 6-6 190 (FR) W/PF Western Wyoming CC, WY
Dwayne Davis 6-5 205 WF Midland CC, TX
Rashard McGill 6-5 190 WF Tallahassee CC, FL
Quinton Pippen 6-4 210 WF MSU-West Plains CC, MO
Keenan Coleman 6-4 195 WF Lamar State CC, TX
Jeff Early 6-4 185 SG/WF Monroe CC, NY
Dion Waters 6-4 180 P/SG Lamar State CC, TX
Terrance Coleman 6-4 175 (FR) SG/WF Shelton State CC, AL
Kwame Beard 6-3 185 SG Shelton State CC, AL
Lazabian Jackson 6-3 170 SG Shelton State CC, AL
Demetrice Jacobs 6-3 190 SG MSU-West Plains CC, MO
Terrence Chatman 6-3 175 Waycross CC, GA
Ty Condie 6-2 180 SG Western Wyoming CC, WY
Carlyle Francis 6-1 (FR) S/PG Tallahassee CC, FL
Paul Scotland 6-0 190 P/SG Monroe CC, NY
Kevin Broussard 6-0 165 P/SG Coffeyville CC, KS
Abdur-Rahim Cooper 5-11 P/SG Chattanooga State CC, TN
Von Jones 5-11 165 PG Lamar State CC, TX
Fabyon Harris 5-10 170 (FR) PG CC of Southern Idaho

That wraps up our coverage of the NJCAA D-1 National Championships, hope you enjoyed our coverage of this top notch national event. We will be covering a number of events this spring. The FCP Easter Classic, Real Deal In the Rock, Nike EYBL-Dallas, Bill Hensley Memorial Run N Slam, John Lucas IMSC, Bob Gibbons Tournament of Champions, Pangos All- American Camp, and NBA Players Top 100 Camp are some of the events we will be covering this spring.