Kentucky Derby Game Rosters Announced

Created on Saturday, 03 March 2012 01:13 Written by Van Coleman

The Kentucky Derby Classic will take place at Freedom Hall in Louisville, KY on April 6th at 7:00 EST. The Derby Classic has been one of the top all-star games in the country for the past twenty-five plus years and will continue that tradition with a top notch group of the nation's top basketball talent. Here is a look at the rosters that were announced yesterday. The Derby Festival committee still has two roster spots they are waiting to release. But, for now here are the two teams that will compete on April 6th at Freedom Hall:T.J._Warren2

Squad One:

No.87 - Terry Rozier 6-1 PG – Louisville
No.80 - Semaj Christon 6-2 PG – Xavier
No.134 - Ron Patterson 6-3 WG  – Indiana
No.27 - Sam Dekker 6-7 WF – Wisconsin
No.46 - Jakarr Sampson 6-7 W/PF – Undecided
No. 50 - Jeremy Hollowell 6-8 W/PF – Indiana
No.24 - TJ Warren (pictured) 6-8 W/PF – North Carolina State
No.37 - Hanner Perea 6-9 PF – Indiana
No.6 - Steven Adams 7-0 C – Pittsburgh

Coach: Ryan Hurd – Notre Dame Prep
Coach: Jason Smith – Brewster Academy

Squad Two:

No.40 - Tyler Lewis 6-0 PG – North Carolina State
No.103 - Phil Forte 6-1 PG – Oklahoma State
No.12 - Marcus Smart 6-3 WG – Oklahoma State
No.38 D’Vauntes Smith-Rivera 6-4 WG - Georgtown
No.51 - Jordan Adams 6-5 WF – UCLA
No.48 - Andrew White 6-6 WF – Kansas
No.25 - Devonta Pollard 6-7 WF – Undecided
No.33 - Winston Shepard 6-8 WF – San Diego State
No.16 - Amile Jefferson 6-8 W/PF – Undecided
No.29 - Robert Carter 6-8 PF – Georgia Tech

Coach: Jason Polykoff – Friends Central
Coach: Danny Henderson -- Marcus

A tip of our hat to Kentucky Derby recruiting Director Danny Owens for another strong group of talented players, that will make the Kentucky Derby Classic one of the top all-star events again this spring!