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Created on Sunday, 03 November 2013 20:21 Written by Van Coleman

We covered the Pangos All Frosh/Soph Camp last month in Dallas..Here's our look at the players who hooped it up PangosAll-FroshSophMore from Pangos All-Frosh Soph Southin the Top 60 All-Star game and the Honorable Mention talent we felt could have made one of the two All-Star games in Lewisville, TX.

Top 60 Cream of the Crop Game

Jeremiah Wiley        5-9    2017    Hebron (TX) – Solid ballhandler who is a pass first type lead guard who has good court vision and sees the open man. He will get after it on defensive end and has range to three if needed if offense breaks down.
Dexter Johnson        5-11    2017    Prime Prep (Dallas TX) – Quickdefender and ballhandler who can deliver the rock in transition or stop then pop 12-15 footer on the drive. He sees court and makes good passes.
Jaylynn Dye            5-11    2016    Northside (Fort Smith AR) – Quick lead guard who can flat out knock down pen jumper from around the arc, or pull-up in the lane. He showed ne can pass it too, but needs to balnce game to become division one point in future.
Ahmed Abid            5-11    2016    Richards  (TX) – Combo can knock down three with regularity or can finish drive with bounce in the lane. He showed he can run the break and make solid passes to open man. One for mids to monitor as he matures.
Jordan Plain            6-1    2016    Christian Life Academy (Baton Rouge LA) – Active wing guard who will “D” you up, pop jumper off dribble inside the arc or get on glass from the guard spot. He can push it off glass to stat break too!
Andrew Jones        6-0    2016    MacArthur (Irving TX) – Active wing defender who can make plays on both ends. He has solid ball skills and can create his shot off the dribble inside the arc. He’s a motor guy who gives effort each trip down the court.
Kelvin Robinson        6-0    2016    Episcopal Collegiate (Little Rock AR) – thu==is solid wing scorer can grab it off the boards and take it end to end, pop jumper from 17-feet or get to hoop and finish versis contact in the paint.
C.J. Roberts        6-0    2017    Richland (North Richland Hills TX) – Young combo has good quicks end to end, can hit open man with pas or finish drive with kiss ff the glass. He needs to keep improving his shot and range to make himself a three zone scorer.
Josh Washington        6-3    2016    Victory Prep (Houston TX) - This high profilescoring guard had a rough weekend at the Pangos as his shot just wasn't falling. He has solid handle and can create drive and get to hoop. He needs to improve shot selection and work on efficiencey to reach levels handle and quicks promise.
Trae Young            6-0    2017    Norman (Norman OK) - This quick combo who can push it end to end, knock down pull-up from 17-feet or get to hoop and finish with both hands. One to watch at D-1 level as he extends range beyond the arc.
Chase Winchester        5-9    2016    Desoto (TX) – Left handed lead guard has good quicks in open court, can knock down 17-footer off the dribble,or deliver the rock in transition. He has long arms and defends bigger guards surprisingly well.
J.C. Younger            6-3    2017    Country Day (Metairie LA) – This solid lead guard has good size, can handle versus pressre and deliver the rock to open man on break or in half court off the dribble. He hit jumper to three, but is a pass first guard. Mid-majors shold be monitoring his progress.
Christopher Davis        6-4    2017    Lake Ridge (Coppell TX) - Young and bouncy wing man can get on the glass and finish putback in the paint. He can catch on wing and attack off the dribble, but he needs to work on extending jumper to move game to wing. He's young, so stay tuned.
Anferene Adams        6-5    2016    Horner (Horner LA) – Athletic wng man who can pop 16 footer of the dribble or finish dive at the rim with strength. He has good quicks and the skills that will draw interest from mids –up!
Jordan Castillo        6-4    2016    Prime Prep (Dallas TX) - This skilled wing can handle the rock and run the break off the glass. He can attack the hoop and finish with big bounce in the lane. He has hops and quicks, but needs to extend range to raise stock.
Winston Nelson        6-5    2017    Norman North (Norman OK) - This athletic wing mancan knock down the three, has handle to create shot and will get on the glass. He needs to work on dribble drive and pull-up to complete ofensive package.
Evan Ghormley        6-3    2017    Prime Prep (Dallas TX) - Wing man has ability to grab the rebound and take it end to end, finish in traffic and score with jumper from 17-feet on in. He will get after it on the defensive end.
Elish Benjamin        6-5    2016    Cypress Ranch (Cypress TX) - This aggressive rebounder can catch it on wing and drive to rim then finish with both hands. He hit 15-footer on pull-up and can pass it if doubled off the dribble. He is a solid defender too!
Donovan White        6-5    2016    University Lab (Baton Rouge LA) - Active rebounder can finish around the hoop with regularity on offensive end. He can face and score from 15-feet with jumper or attack the hoop and finish. He has to build facing game to draw D-1 interest.
Matthew Paterson        6-0    2016    Trinity Christian (Addison TX) - This quick combo can take it end to end in a hurry. He showed range to three and can stop and pop pull-up from 12-15 feet. He finished drive, but needs to add strength and be more of a two-handed threat to raise stock.
Nolan Taylor            6-7    2016    Keller (TX) - Active big man has good hands on the blocks, can catch post and spin then finish with kiss or flush. He blocked shots and denied the pass with his length on D". He runs floor well too!
Cedric Turner        6-6    2016    Cypress Ranch (Cypress TX) - Active rebounder can finish around the hoop, can pop and face on elbow and pop it from 12-15 feet. He has to work on building handle to create drive on face up to continue to raise stock.
Tyrick Bennett        6-2    2016    Dallas Episcopal (Dallas TX) - This quick back court talent has combo skills, can take it end to end and finish in the paint versus contact. He is and ok passer on the break and will get after it on defensive end.
Dylan Gollihar        6-11    2016    Richardson (TX) - This long and thin big man really started to gain confidence as the weekend progressed. H He has surprising hands, can catch on move and finish, board and outlet or turn and hit jump hook from 5-8 feet. Strength and added bulk key to future.
Oliver Powell            6-6    2016    Rowlett (Rowlett TX) - This solid rebounder can catch it on elbow and drive to rim then finish with both hands. He hit 15-footer too, and can pass it if doubled off the double up. He is a solid defender too!
Max Huff            6-9    2018    Prince of Peace (Plano TX) - Wide bodied big man runs floor OK, but has to work on foot quicks and explosion. He has good hands and works to get it in hoop or grab ball off the glass. Definitely a to the rim guy.
Chris Mullins            6-0    2017    Timberview (Mansfield TX) - This quick wing scorer can slash and drive to the hoop, finish with big bounce to make highlights versus contact in the lane. He has to work on extending his range to raise his stock.
Jacoby Pemberton    6-4    2016    Lancaster (TX) - Lefty swing man who can stop and pop 16-footer off the dribble or getr to rim and finish versus contact. He is a good passer off the dribble and will give an effort on the glass.
Darrius McNeil    6-0    2017    Westfield (Spring TX) - This young combo can knock down jumper from beyond the arc, or attack the hoop off the dribble and finish in traffic. He is a good passer in transition. He created drive with quick first step and solid crossover.
Quinton Brigham        6-5    2016    Dunbar (Ft. Worth TX) - This athletic combo forward has asolid facing skills, can pop 15-footer off dribble or finish at the rim with bounce. He gets after it on the boards and will give effort on "D"

Honorable Mention - (Players who could have made Top 60 Cream of Crop game)

Dennis Robinson        5-7    2016    Home Schooled (Dallas TX) - This small, but quick lead guard, can score off the dribble or with pull-up in he lane. He has to become a more consistent shooter from the arc to help create dribble drive.
Jules Miranda        5-8    2016    Desoto (Desoto TX) - Good ballhandler who sees the court and moves ball with pass up court. He hit the three to set up drive and kick to open man. He makes the right pass and makes his teammates better.
Ishun Bryant            5-9    2016    Trinity (Euless TX) - Quick lead guard can take it end to end, score off the cross & go, or deliver the rock to cutter on baseline. He needs to extend his jumper to freeze "D" to set up the dribble drive.
Darius Hammond    5-10    2016    Keenandale (Keenandale TX) - This solid lead guard is a pass first point who does solid job delivering the rock to open teammates. He hit jumper to the arc to keep "D" honest. He has good feet on defensive end too!
Eden Holt            5-1    2018    Garcia MS (Katy TX) - Small, but skilled ball handler can set up teammates with pass and has solid shot when left open. He needs to continue to add inches (dad is 5-10) and become stronger, but has lots of time.
Brandon Mathews        6-2    2017    Dunham School (Baton Rouge LA) - This young wing talent got better and better as the weekend went on. He has solid stroke to the arc and can hit open man in the open court on the break. he needs to add strength to become better finisher in traffic..
Brady Westerchil        6-1    2016    Leesville (Anacoco LA) - This shooting guard can flat out stroke the three, went four for six in game we watched. He has ok handle, but he needs to work on becoming threat with drive. Shooter who can score from deep.
Tyler Robinson        6-3    2016    Bentonville (Bentonville AR) - Active wing who can rebound from perimeter, start the break with pass or dribble, then run floor and be involved on finish. He gets after it on "D", but needs to work on extending shot outside 15-feet to complete wing package.
Zacchaeus Carter    6-0    2016    Dallas Christian Academy (Dallas TX) - This quick wing scorer can slash and drive to the hoop, finish with bounce at rim versus contact in the lane. He has to work on extending his range to raise his stock.
Curtis Aiken Jr.        5-7    2016    St. Sebastian (Pittsburgh PA) - Solid young lead guard can deliver the rock off the drive or in transition. He has range to three and showed he can drive and hit pull-up in the paint. He needs couple inches and added strength, but D-1's should be monitoring him.
J.J. Rainey        6-0    2016    Fayetteville (Fayetteville, AR) - this solid combo guard can knock down jumper from three or off the dribble from 15-feet. He is a solid passer in transition and plays hard on the defensive end.
Dashawn McDowell        6-4    2016    Southeast (Moore OK) - Solid wing rebounder who got to hoop and finished off of face-up. He can score off dribble from 12-15 feet, but he needs to extend range to arc to complete his game.
Christian Edmunson        6-3    2016    Flower Mound (Flower Mound TX) - Strong wing man who can get to the rim, gets on boards and finished around the hoop off glass or drive. He hit mid-range J on pull-up and got after it on "D".
Vandy Hopson II        6-5    2016    Bowie (Arlington TX) - This quick and bouncy wing man can catch it in traffic, finish with bounce at the rim or stop and pop mid-range jumper. He needs to work on handle and extend game, so stay tuned.
Nick Mason        6-5    2016    Atascocita (Atascocita TX) - This young power forward can finish around the hoop and was a strong and physical rebounder. He is a good outlet passer and can run court and be involved on finish. He hit 12-footer on the pop out, but needs to continue to extend range to raise stock.
Karthik Ready        6-6    2016    St. Mary's Hall (San Antonio TX) - Don't know how this solid rebounder didn't make T60 game, He has range to three, can face and drive on bigs and can pop 12-footer or finish versus contact at the rim. He has good hands and can pass it on face-up.  One for mids to monitor.
Chris Royal Jr.        6-4    2016    Sequin (Arlington TX) - This athletic and quick wing man, can attack the hoop off the dribble, finish at the rim or make pass to open man. He has range to arc, but is at his best knocking down 15-footer off the pull-up.
Kush Singh            5-9    2017    West (Plano TX) - This small point had moments handling the ball and making pass to cutter or up court to open man on break. He can set up penetration with his ability to knock down three ball (hit 3 of 4 in half we watched)
Daishawn Woods        6-5    2017    Lone Star (Plano TX) - Thin, but bouncy forward blocked shots from help side, can get on the glass, and runs floor well. He needs to add bulk and strength to his frame and range to his shot, so stay tuned!
Ahmad Caldwell        6-3    2016    Duncanville (Duncanville TX) - This solid insider can get to the boards and snatch it, then start break with handle and pass. He finishes around the hoop and gets after it on the defensive end. He tends to get wild at times
Jacob Moten            6-3    2017    Seagoville (Seagoville TX) - This young forward is quick with ball on drive or off the floor to ball off the glass. He hit pull-up jumper from 15-feet and did ok job on the glass. Oozes potential for the future.
Jeremiah Taylor        6-2    2016    Byron Nelson (Roanoke TX) - This wing man showed he has range to three, can create drive with both hands and is a good passer in the open court. He has to improve consistency on shot and look for pull-up off dribble to raise stock.
Ashton Logan        6-1    2017    Temple (Temple TX) - This solid wing handler has good quicks with the ball, can knock down jumper from three, or look for open man on the break. He rebounds well from perimeter and is willing to give an effort on "D".

We will look at the Top 60 and Honorable Mention talent at the Pangos All-Midwest Frosh/Soph Camp next in our "On the Court" updates, so watch for more on the nation's top young talent, right here at